Founded in 1997, Prodigy Properties is a real estate firm focused exclusively on foreclosed, forfeited and seized real estate, as well as real estate subject to receivership and bankruptcy.

Prodigy's clients include national, regional and community banks, credit unions, federal government agencies including US Marshals, HUD, VA and Fannie Mae, state and federal courts, US bankruptcy trustees, local government bodies and tax lien certificate holders.

State and federal courts have appointed Prodigy literally hundreds of times to manage and dispose of real estate as receiver, private selling officer, commissioner or special master.

Prodigy holds a broker's license in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and serves as receiver in other states.

In addition to serving in a judicially appointed capacity, Prodigy offers complete asset management and disposition services to creditors, including property monitoring, eviction, preservation, maintenance, renovation, stabilization, code compliance, rent collection, accounting, marketing, sale, auction, title, closing and transfer.

Prodigy Office

Licensed in Ohio and Kentucky
5254 Ridge Ave., Suite 1
Cincinnati, OH 45213
p. 513.841.7000
600 Superior Ave. East, Suite 1300
Cleveland, OH 44114
p. 216.302.3557